Air Duct Cleaning

“Out of sight, out of mind,” is the mindset of many when it comes to deciding whether or not to get the air ducts cleaned in their home or workplace.

So, not only can it be an annoying to have to dust on a regular basis, but it may or may not be to blame for that dreaded two week head cold or Sinus infection you get every year.

Who is affected by my dirty Duct Work?

Children and elderly are especially affected by polluted indoor air. People who suffer from allergies and asthma may also notice negative affects as well.

What is in my duct work?

Over the course of time a furnace will take in dirt, particles of dust, pet hair, pollen and other debris.

If moisture is ever present in duct work microbial growth is more likely to release mold spores throughout the living space.

Every home is different, but it is a good idea to check the furnaces air filter every month and change it when necessary.

C&S Cleaning & Restoration recommend a video inspection every 3-5 years.

C&S will perform a free video inspection of both the return and supply vents in your home leaving the decision entirely up to you.

• According to, American Lung Association & EPA, most people spend 60% to 90% of their time indoors.

• Discover Magazine claims that the average 6 room house collects approximately 40 pounds of dust each year.

  • When cleaning air ducts, C&S puts entire HVAC system under negative air while zoning parts of system to maximize vacuum during Air Duct Cleaning process.

  • Once vacuum is created through access panels, C&S goes through each vent individually with positive air used to push all debris particles to vacuum.

  • Once debris is cleared from the branch and trunk lines, a powerful spinning brush system is placed through each vent leaving virtually no chance for dust to cling to sidewalls.

  • Once all branch and trunk lines have been cleaned, C&S will clean all heat exchangers, cooling components, Blower and blades, plenum, and all registers.

We assure our customers that when they choose C&S to clean the air ducts, it will be the most thorough, affordable, duct cleaning possible, guaranteed!

Call C&S today to set up your FREE in home video inspection!


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